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Information and Communication Technologies: People and Interactions (T209)

A good course in my opinion. I learned a lot (and cried a lot!!). The course was split into 5 modules and each one is taught as a seperate entity. I enjoyed this as it meant you didn't have to study a subject longer than 6 weeks if you hated it or were bored with it.

Each module looked at the underlying technology to some of the latest developments in the world of technology. Mobile phones, analogue and digital signals, speech recognition, data encryption, networks and network elements (including wireless) and also looking at what the word Cyborg means in today's society.

There was lots of software provided during the course, which I certainly enjoyed playing with. The course is presented using lots of books that need reading but also using multimedia such as video streaming, audio, graphics and lots of practical experiments to carry out on the software. A network simulation program, writing a speech recognition program and being able to try it out I found really helped my understanding. There are also several tools provided to help you understand data encryption, again with a program for sending encrypted messages to your fellow students.

The Course Team provide lots of supported conferences via First Class, the conferences are exclusive to T209 students. They have informed this year's students that their ability to send messages to the chat conference will remain next year so we can help/support and general join in with next year's students. Or perhaps just scare the living daylights out of them :o)) Only kidding ......

The assignments were based more on written communication skills. I found that the coursework was at times very very technical but the assignments required reports with a much lower level of technical content. I found I gained my best scores when I didn't understand the technology too well, but when I did understand it I wrote my report too technical for its intended audience!!

I wouldn't want to do it again (but I say that after every course!!). I learned loads and gained a lot of confidence in my ability to write reports. I'll be honest if I had known that I had to write reports beforehand I possibly wouldn't have done the course, because I didn't think I was very good at it. I was pleasantly surprised and now have the confidence to take other courses along the same lines.


Module 1 ~ In touch and Informed
A look at the the technology behind Mobile Phones, PDAs, Analogue and Digital signals, GSM (Global System for Mobile Communications, GPRS (General Packet Radio System) and UMTS Universal Mobile Telecommunications Systems).
TMA 1 ~ Technical suitability of Internet enabled devices for Speedicarry's Drivers. Some more details, together with my Introduction and Bibliography from my TMA.

Module 2 ~ Talking with Computers
A look at how speech recognition software works, and how speech is recorded digitally.
TMA 2 ~ Design a Speech Recognition Program for a Microwave Oven, some extracts of images from my TMA.

Module 3 ~ Managing Networks
A look at network elements, traffic levels and network topologies.
TMA 3 ~ First off a report entitled
"How the Internet can provide a business advantage to Waltonsoft.com its suppliers and customers",.
We then designed a network for a company called E-Artstore. Firstly we filled out some OU LAN User Type Planning then we used the software provided to design the network.

Module 4 ~ Cyborgs
TMA 4 ~ Group Working and What is a Cyborg? Split into small groups we had to work together to study material about Cyborgs and each choose a specialist subject to write about.

Module 5 ~ Security
TMA 5 ~ Why we have Data Encryption and how it works. We had to send encrypted messages and write a report.

ECA ~ Wireless Networks
ECA ~ The requirement was a 2500-3000 word report looking at the technologies
IEEE 802.11b and Bluetooth as wireless network solutions.

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