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This is a personal website, why ... because everyone has one so I wanted one too ... because I've learnt some HTML, CSS and Javascript and I wanted to use it ... because I like playing with websites and ... because it seemed like a good idea at the time!!!

I have been studying and tutoring with the Open University and there is a section designed to act as a resource for other OU students who may find my thoughts, examples and/or ramblings of some use when choosing what courses to study.

I have two males in my life Charlie (him indoors) and Scott (my son) and so there are some piccies of us enjoying our various hobbies. Unfortunately I lost a lot of digital pictures when my hard drive died, hmm back ups .... what are they!!!! Have I learnt my lesson, probably not :o)). I am in the process of building my supply of pictures back up again.

The nuffink page, is just that, nothing! It's got links, info, and other stuff that is totally irrelevant to anybody really, but might be interesting anyway, most of what I intend to put on the nuffink page are websites that I use as displacement activities when I have urgent jobs/deadlines on the horizon ;o)

Finally the links page, these are links to other OU people, friends and any other links that have come up somewhere within my website.

No more to say really except, I hope you enjoy my site and try not to fall asleep.

Toni :o)


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