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Welcome to Toni's Pad

This is my personal page, do you really want to know stuff about me? Oh well if your sure ...

I have a son called Scott who is currently aged 12 (in 2006) and the other half is called Charlie. Charlie is into power kiting, which includes using a buggy, a surfboard or a mountain board. There are some great pictures of him on my album page. He has also been known to make kites for exhibiting when he gets the chance. By the way we are not talking your small friendly diamond shape kite here, we are talking big!! kites, go on check out the piccies.

I have been a student of the Open University for six years studying towards a BSc (Honours) Degree in Information Technology and Computing subjects. I am very pleased to tell you I was awarded a First Class Honours BSc Degree in December 2005. I started studying for personal fulfilment rather than career advancement. When I started with the Open University I was not working in IT, but three years into my studying I was able to change my career direction (November 2002) and I started a new job as an IT Technician at an all girls secondary school. In September 2005 I started a GTP (Graduate Teacher Programme) to become a teacher and in June 2006 I was awarded QTS (Qualified Teacher Status).

I also became a Tutor for the Open University in February 2006 on T175: Networked Living.

When Charlie is not flying and I am not studying we all enjoy snowboarding. Scott also enjoys sking, but Charlie and I, although we used to ski, now prefer to just snowboard. We have been known to frequent our local dry slope at Knockhatch and then a couple of times a year we load up the car and drive to the French Alps, loads of piccies in the album.

I left school as early as I could (hence the return to study via the Open University) and worked my way through a variety of careers including, secretary, legal secretary, sales (cars, tobacco and advertising), accounts and finally IT. I also enjoy developing relational databases, websites and programming.

Charlie is a joiner and CNC operator and enjoys designing and building furniture (not commercially) and various other objects out of wood. Again there are some pictures of his various creations in the albums.


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