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These links will take you to pages containing a few useful websites, information and other student's sites that may help you in your decision to study any of these courses. They also link to some of the work I did for my TMAs and/or ECAs. Please be aware that the work contained on these pages is my own, any copying or reproduction of any of this work should be suitable referenced. Quoting short phrases or even a single sentence without citing your source is plagarism. The main person you will be cheating is yourself.

There are already lots of students and tutors out there that have created better and more informative websites for resources, tutorials and website links than I ever could. So instead I have tried to provided pages that give you an idea of the course, what's involved in the assignments, what I got out of it and whether I enjoyed it. Therefore I hope that my pages will help fellow students in making a decision whether to study a particular course or not.

At the bottom of each course page I provide some links to tutor/student sites that do have some great resources for that course.

These are the courses I have done.

T171 - You, Your Computer and the Net. What did I think?
MU120 - Open Mathematics.

MT262 - Putting Computer Systems to Work. What did I think?
T209 - Information and Communication Technologies: People and Interactions. What did I think?
M206 - Computing: An Object-Oriented Approach.
TT280 - Web Basics: Design, Development and Management. What did I think?
TT281 - The Client Side of Application Development. What did I think?
SD226 - Biological Psychology: Exploring the Brain.

M358 - Relational Databases.
M301 - Software Systems and their Development. What did I think?
M361 - Modelling Computer Processes.

So all that lot gave me a Diploma in Computing and a First Class Bsc Honours Degree. SD226 was also the start of the Psychology degree, although I haven't completely made my mind up about that yet.

These are the courses I would (possibly) like to do next, but I keep changing my mind!

TT282 - The Server-side of Application Development. What did I think?
TT380 - Databases within Website Design.
TT381 - Open Source Development Tools.
TT382 - Web Server Management, Performance and Tuning.

When I get round to completing all of the above courses I will have a Certificate in Web Applications Development,

Then its onwards to a Psychology degree or a Science degree I haven't decided yet:

DSE212 - Exploring Psychology.
DZX222 - Exploring Psychology On-line Project.
ED209 - Child Development.
DD303 - Cognitive Psychology.
D317 - Social Psychology: Personal Lives, Social Worlds.

S103 - Discovering Science. (Starting September 2006)
SXR103 Practising Science. (Planned June 2007)
S199 - Modelling the Climate. (Starting September 2006)
S250 - Science in Context.
S216 - Evironmental Science.
SXR216 Environmental Science in the Field.


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