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You, Your Computer and the Net (T171)

This course has now changed from when I studied it in 2000. Back then the first Module looked at the basics of computing. I believe that the short course TU170 now covers this element and the current T171 has a new module included on e-commerce.

Anybody who is not a total expert with a Computer, The Internet, the World Wide Web or Further Education study could certainly benefit from this course. As a foundation course it will give you skills that can be used in the workplace, at home and in your studying. No matter what your subject area, and that includes Arts, Sciences, Philosophy, Law and anything in between, I would recommend this course to you.

As well as learning the history of the PC and The Internet you will:
  • learn how to research more effectively using The Internet and the World Wide Web;
  • think about the information you find on the World Wide Web and learn to draw your own conclusions on what should and should not be relied upon;
  • learn how to plan and manage your time more effectively;
  • learn other essential study skills, such as different ways of note taking, collating information, formatting and planning essays;
  • utilise the First Class Conference system. Gain confidence by receiving support from students and tutors, a brilliant aid for distance learning. Or alternatively giving support to other students and so gain confidence in your ability to help others;
  • gain confidence generally in using CMC as a way to communicate and collaborate with others anywhere in the world.
  • learn essential netiquette skills to make your online experience more enjoyable and beneficial for yourself and others.
Anybody who wants to become more effective with their computer and using The Internet will find this course superb.

For TMA 1 I had to summarise two separate documents, a good way to gain skills in note taking. I then had to draw up a list of 4 points that I felt were important in groupworking online.

In TMA2 I wrote a letter to a friend about "Computing with Confidence" . Followed by a reflection on groupworking. Oh how I love reflecting ;o)

TMA 3 was my first attempt at full length written academic work since leaving school, I chose the title "The Impact of Personal Computers in the world of Small Business", and here's an extract not sure I like my design ideas from back then though!! As well as the essay we had to produce an essay plan and an additional written piece about our "own experience" in our chosen subject. As my job involved working on a computer all day for a small business I had plenty of fodder for this part.

TMA 4 Now a whole web report .... Wow!!

ECA ~ So "Who was the Father of the Internet" then? Oh joy of joys the reflection but then it's all over phew!!!!!!!!

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