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Into extreme sports, try kite flying. Sounds gentle enough, but throw in a buggy, surfboard, mountain board, a pair of skis, or even a pair of skates, and you're travelling at speed. I was introduced to flying about a year and a half ago and find it great fun. Fresh air, exercise and adrenaline what more could you want, so here's some links to give you some more information.






Swindon Kite & Buggy Festival 1999



The Power Kite Site

This is a great site to see what it's all about, info for beginners, pics and a couple of videos as well. The author is Jo Coates who is a kite flyer and this site is non-commercial.


The British Buggy Club

The official site of the British Buggy Club (BBC) well worth a visit, although some links are labelled 'coming soon'. To start buggying it is advisable to have third party insurance and membership of the BBC includes this in its fee. This site also contains info about schools, buggy sites, buy and sell, videos, links etc. Needs to be viewed in 1024 x 768 screen settings.


Berrow 98 & 99

Following on from the second link, this gives a visual picture from 2 years of Berrow - the event of the year for buggiers, organised by the BBC. A week of kites, buggies, surfboards, and when we're in luck some wind, when we're not rain! Helen Ribchester is the author of this site, she is a kite flyer/buggier and this site is non-commercial.


Parakart Association

Again an offcial site, this time of the PKA, for the sportster who wants to take part in the various racing events or possibly just go and watch. Includes regional, national and european leagues/competitions. Membership to the PKA is compulsory if you wish to race and it also provides the necessary insurance. Loads of other info and links too - try going to the contents page first.


Kite Info on the Internet

So, if the above links have wetted your appetite, try this page, hundreds of links to commercial/non commercial, picture gallerys, UK/European and USA sites, covering everything you can and can't do with kites, don't expect a short visit! The site author is Peter Peters.


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